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Rotorua, New Zealand STINKS!!!

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So, while Rotorua LITERALLY stinks, it is for a GOOD and TOURISTY REASON. There are holes everywhere that emit mist and sulfur, giving the air a particularly distinct flatulent characteristic.

Whaka Village - those guys are sitting on the bridge watching children swimming in a river below. Notice all the steam? That's coming from the geothermal holes that dot Rotorua and give it it's distinctive sulfuric smell!

Personally? I like the smell of sulfur and therefore Rotorua; it brings memories of the sulfur soap I used to buy in Metro Manila groceries – soap that I used to help me through those pimply seasons of life. Goooood memories, I have to tell you, LOL! And since I am (half) Filipina and accustomed to ‘interesting’ smells, I am enjoying myself. Extremely!

On Day 2 of the United Christian Broadcasters’ Forum, which I am attending, we went to a charming little geothermal village where we saw children swimming in the river waiting for tourists above on a bridge to throw coins into the water for them to retrieve. Talk about mild child abuse! LOLOL! Just kidding – I think it’s a whole lot fun for both the tourists and children 🙂

Whaka Thermal Village!!!

Kids waiting for Coins!

I'm still waiiiiting!

While visiting the little village, we met a cool local tourist guide who gave us a (futile) lesson in Maori Pronunciation. The Maoris are the natives of New Zealand and happen to love syllables and LONG, LONG, LONG NAMES. If you click on the link below, it will take you to the Youtube Vid of the (futile) lesson he gave us on how to pronounce the town’s name. Click on it and check it out!


For those of you with sensitive noses, I encourage you to visit Rotorua ANYWAY. The sulfur smell is NOT that bad and God has blessed humans with the ability to adapt to such situations. You will only notice the smell in your first two or three days, then it will start smelling like normal. At this point in my working vacation, I have realized that I will MISS this smell badly when i get back to Manila simply because there is NO PLACE ON EARTH like Rotorua, New Zealand where SMELLY and FUN go hand and hand!

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  • nice place, wish i could go there 🙂

  • gina austria sumagui

    how i wish i can visit New Zealand one time, and experience that Rotorua adventure…

  • khia

    I love new zealand…. and all the kiwi ( people, friut and animal) cheers to U!